Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are Approved Inspectors?
Approved Inspectors are companies or individuals approved by Government to provide Building Control Services in England and Wales.
Ask Building Control Limited provides a cost-effective and client friendly alternative to local authority building control anywhere in England and Wales. We have a team of qualified and experienced building control professionals who work with the client from design stage to final certification.

2.) What are Building Regulations?
Building Regulations are rules designed to ensure health, safety, accessibility and energy conservation in and about buildings. 

3.) When do Building Regulations apply?
The rules are complex. Building Regulations may apply in any of the following circumstances: 
i.    The erection, alteration or extension of a building.
ii.   The installation, alteration or extension of services or fittings.
iii.  The change of use of a building.

4.) What geographical area does Ask cover?
Ask Building Control Ltd offices are in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. To ensure the quality of our local service is not compromised Ask concentrates its business to Yorkshire and Lancashire.  

5.) What are Ask’s fees for acting on my behalf?
Ask offers a cost effective service tailored to the individual project. Let us have details of your project by telephone, email or by completing our enquiry form. We will respond with a fixed price, all inclusive fee proposal outlining the services you will receive from us. 

6.) How do I apply for building control certification from Ask?
Complete the application form online (by following the instructions on the website) or print off a copy and post it to us; or telephone/email us to discuss your needs. As soon as we have the details of your project you will receive an acknowledgement by email. We will then provide on-going advice and guidance to ensure your project meets the Building Regulations.

7.) What does the estimated cost of the works include?
The estimated cost of the works should be the net value of the works relating to Building Regulations and not include VAT, professional fees or decorating.

8.) What happens if there is a problem with an application?
Unlike a local authority building control department Ask never reject an application out right. Instead we would request further information as required. 

9.) When can I start on site?
When you instruct Ask you are appointing us to act on your behalf. As part of the Building Regulations process Ask will notify your local authority of your intended building work on what is called an 'Initial Notice'. You may start work just as soon as this notice has been accepted by your local authority.

10.) What is the “process”?
In addition to submitting the initial notice Ask takes on the responsibility for plan checking and site inspections. We will also issue a plans certificate when requested (not all clients need this) and, upon satisfactory completion of your project, we will issue a final certificate.

11.) What recourse do I have if I am unhappy with an Approved Inspector’s performance?
Ask Building Control Ltd is bound by the codes of conduct of our own professional bodies including the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and that of our regulatory body, the Construction Industry Council (CIC).

In the unusual event that a client is dissatisfied with the building control service they receive they should contact Ask in the first instance. We will do our utmost to resolve any problems with you following our agreed complaints procedure. A copy of our complaints procedure is available on request.